Our most commonly asked questions

How much you earn (Commission Tiers)

The selling price of your item determines how much commission you get.

Item Value

You Get

My Commission

£50 – £500



£500 – £1000



£1000 +



When you get paid?

You will receive your payouts on the 15th of every month for all items sold and shipped during the previous month (unless an item was subject to a return. Payments can be transfered to your Paypal or Bank Account.

What Items I can't sell?

I am unable to sell:

  • Items valued at less than £50.
  • Items in poor condition: soiled dirty, broken, ripped, bad smelling.
  • Wedding dresses, fake or replica, food and drink items
  • Items prohibited on eBay
  • Items prohibited by the carrier

If you are not sure whether I can sell your items, please contact me and I will see what can I do for you!

How can i see my item on ebay?

You can find your items on my live eBay account.

How long will you keep my items?

The selling period begins on the date your items are listed.

I will continue selling your items for up to one year.

If your item remains unsold after one-year we will send you a notice to pick up your items within 10 days.

After 11 days, unsold items that are not collected will become the property of Anna’s Pride.

What about fake goods?

It is against the law to sell fake goods.

If an item is found to be not authentic while sorting the owner will receive notification to collect it within 10 working days. If not collected on the 11lth day the item will be destroyed.

If an item is found to be not authentic when the item was sold to a customer, the owner must pay a fine of £25 and will not be eligible for consignment commission. Any possible related fees to this case will be deducted from the owner. The owner will not receive the item back.

Ready to get started?

If you know what items you have to sell, please use the form below to discuss if your items are marketable.