What can you sell?

It isn’t easy to cover every area, so I have mentioned the popular ones. This does not mean that I only accept these listed items; you can sell almost anything.

Designer clothes and handbags can never become old-fashioned. No matter how old your clothes or bags are, you can still sell them if they are marked with popular brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Mulberry, Jimmy Choo, Dior, and many others. But make sure you sell the original one because I don’t deal with replicas and copies.

What helps them sell:

All your clothes or handbags must be original; they should be in very good condition or new. It will help you to get higher prices if you also have their cover bags and related accessories in good condition. Besides, if you have the original receipt for your designer bags and clothes, you can get the price of your choice.

Your style reflects your personality, but the type of shoes and accessories you wear reflects your fashion sense. Wearing designer shoes and accessories is a dream for everyone. Brands that are famous for having unique shoes and accessories are Gucci, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Dior, Prada Hermes, and many more.

What helps them sell:

If you have shoes and accessories in very good conditions, you can sell them. Also, if you have dust bags and boxes of your shoes, it will help you get a fair price. The cherry on top is if you have your stuff unused or still with price tags and original receipts.

If you are a trend follower, then this section is for you. What is always in high demand is luxury rare vintage clothing. If you have a collection of vintage designer clothes, you can quickly get high sales on them. Share your Vintage designer clothes with Anna’s Pride and get the best price.

How can you sell them?

If your vintage designer clothes are in good condition, you will get the best price. But if you have your clothes with their original bags and covers, you will be in profit as this will sell at the closest price of the brand new one.

What makes a watch or jewelry famous is the type of metal used. Whether you have a pocket watch or a wristwatch, you can sell them. Nowadays, platinum and silver jewellery are in. Likewise, silver and platinum gold plated watches are trendy. Necklaces, rings and bracelets are other popular pieces of jewellery that go for sale in no time.

What helps them sell:

The brand is the only answer to any sale. Yes! If you have branded items, your product will get a high bid immediately. A good condition of your brand product is necessary; otherwise, you will not grab the buyer’s attention. The most popular brands for jewellery and watches are Chanel, McQueen, Rolex, Raymond Weil, and the list goes on.

Now, this is a vast section that covers almost all the ingenious items from your house. These items include TV, stereo, headphones, laptops, cell phones and other related products. Xbox and PS series are the most sought-after. Kids love to have them. The top-rated game brands are Sega, Nintendo and Sony. Sony is also a famous brand in making other sound electronic items.

What helps them sell:

They need to be in great working condition, have packaging boxes, manuals and of course, all other related accessories.

For computers and laptops that contain personal data, make sure you have erased the hard drive before selling.

Road bikes for men and women, DJ equipment, music gear and other home gym products are in high demand. HD cameras, DSLRs, and drones are also popular products.

You can also sell your music products like guitars, podcast microphones, drums and drum kits, violin, piano and other related music stuff.

What helps them sell:

Well-known brands, condition of your stuff, instruction manual, packing box and the story behind your product will help you sell your products the fastest. It would be best if you can provide the certificates and original papers related to the items you have. This way you will be able to get the maximum price.

So if you are ready to declutter your office or home and have an extensive collection that needs to be sold, get in touch and start consignment with Anna’s Pride.