I Want Someone To Sell My Stuff On eBay For Me


Anna’s Pride is a London based eBay trading assistant. I will help you clear out your homes and businesses by selling and recycling your high-quality items for you on eBay.

We all have bits and pieces around our home that are feeling unloved. You might have boxes of old designer clothes and shoes that have gone out of style or that no longer joy you.

Your living room might have random tech pieces or music gear that haven’t been used for a long time.

You can give your belongings a second life (and cash in a little towards your next holiday!) by selling them on eBay with the help of Anna’s Pride.

sell my stuff
Here’s the kind of stuff I can sell for you

Here’s the kind of stuff I can sell for you

Anna’s Pride sells a wide variety of items. I can sell high-end women’s, men’s and children’s clothing as well your pre-loved designer handbags, shoes and jewellery. Additionally, I sell watches, perfume, electronics and more.

*The items you wish me to sell should have an estimated resale price of £50 and be in very good or like new condition.

sell my items

How much can you earn from selling your stuff?

Anna’s Pride commission structure is a sliding scale. 

I don’t require any upfront fees, and you pay nothing if your items don’t sell. 

You can earn up to 80% per single sold item.

over £3000
you earn


over £1000
you earn


over £250
you earn


under £250
you earn


How It Works

Anna’s Pride makes selling your items easier than ever.

I handle everything, from taking professional pictures and creating listings to answering questions and shipping sold items.

I will store your items at my place, allowing me to inspect, research, and list them quickly on eBay.

Join in and Clean Up!

Fill out the enquiry form to arrange items collection/delivery.

My Effort

After inspection I will photograph, research, price, inventory and list your stuff online.

You Get Paid

Receive payment for up to 80% of each item sold! Turn the things you no longer need onto cash!


PLEASE NOTE: Anna’s Pride doesn’t purchase items directly.

Ready to sell your first item today? Fill the form below. Check the agreement here.

eBay is everyone’s go-to when they want to buy or sell something second-hand online. eBay is one of the most visited websites in the world, with over 135 million active users worldwide. In 2022, there were 1.7 billion listings on the site – with something for everyone!

eBay is a really convenient way to sell your stuff. However… in between work, childcare, and other commitments, who has the time to sit at their computer and auction off all their items?

Here are some of the reasons why you should use a company that will sell on eBay for you:

  • It saves you time
  • It guarantees you the highest price
  • It maximises the chances of selling

If your item doesn’t sell the first time around, I’ll relist it for free and keep selling it on your behalf for up to one year.

sell my items