London eBay Trading Assistant – Sell For You

Anna’s Pride is a professional eBay seller that acts as your eBay Trading Assistant based in London UK.

Are you looking to sell your valuables? But you do not have time to deal with the eBay selling process.
I will take care of everything for you – from appraisal and listing to shipping and customer service.
You can rest assured that your items will be sold for a fair price, and that the entire selling process will be hassle-free. 
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How It Works

I will store your items at my place so I can inspect, research, and list the items to get them up on eBay as quickly as possible.

Join in and Clean Up!

Fill out the enquiry form to arrange items collection/delivery.

My Effort

After inspection I will photograph, research, price, inventory and list your goods online.

You Get Paid

Receive payment for up to 80% of each item sold! Turn the things you no longer need onto cash!

What Can I Sell For You on eBay?

Anna’s Pride sells a wide variety of fashion. I accept high-end women’s, men’s and children’s clothing as well your pre-loved designer handbags, shoes and jewellery. I also sell homes decor, collectables and electronics.

*The items you wish to consign should have an estimated resale price of £50 and be in very good or like new condition.

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What you Earn

Anna’s Pride commission structure is a sliding scale. The more your items sell, the more you earn from the sale! I pay all marketplace fees from my portion, about 18% + Post & Packing.

You earn up to 80% of the price your item sells for.

over £3000
you earn


over £1000
you earn


over £250
you earn


under £250
you earn



PLEASE NOTE: Anna’s Pride doesn’t purchase items directly.

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