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Where Can I Sell My Music Gear in the UK?

Are you looking for an easy way to sell your music gear? Anna’s Pride is a London-based professional eBay seller, specialising in high-value items, including professional and amateur music gear. 

 Best dj and audio pro equipment to sell:

  • MIDI Keyboard Controllers
  • Synths
  • Pedals
  • Amplifiers
  • Studio & Recording Equipment 
  • Samplers
  • DJ Mixers
  • Pioneer DJ Players
  • Studio Monitor Speakers
  • Technics Direct Drive Turntables

Check out our list of recently sold DJ equipment.

Apollo Twin

UAD Apollo Twin Audio Interface Duo Core For Mac


Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 4 Channel DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 4 Channel DJ Mixer


Technics SL-1210MK2 Direct Drive Turntable With Flight Cases - Pair

Technics SL-1210MK2 Direct Drive Turntables


Roland SE-02 Analogue Rackmount Synthesiser - Black

Dave Smith Instruments - OB-6 Desktop Module


Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer Effects Processor Pedal

Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer Effects Processor Pedal


Sequential Prophet Take 5 Synth

Sequential Prophet
Take 5 Synth


Roland SE-02 Analogue Rackmount Synthesiser - Black

Roland SE-02 Analogue Rackmount Synthesiser


Sold Music Gear - Empress Effects Echosystem Dual Engine Delay Pedal

Empress Effects Echosystem Dual Engine Delay Pedal





ENGL Guitar Amplifier


Akai Music Production Center


I will sell your audio equipment on your behalf, streamlining the selling process to make it hassle-free. Just send or deliver your music gear to my property to kickstart the process.

That’s it! I’ll take care of everything else.

I will take professional images, research prices, and create compelling listings with accurate descriptions to attract potential buyers. My services include dealing with buyers’ questions and packing your music equipment to ensure a safe delivery once it sells.

I offer a competitive commission where you earn up to 80% from your music equipment! You will receive monthly payments for sold items to your bank account or PayPal at the end of each month.


Earn up to 80% of each item sold.

over £3000
you earn


over £1000
you earn


over £250
you earn


under £250
you earn


The more your music gear sell for the more you earn from the sale! 
I don’t require any upfront fees, and you pay nothing if your items don’t sell. It’s a win-win process.

Why Use an eBay Selling Assistant to Sell Your Music Equipment for You?

Using an eBay trading assistant saves you time, guarantees you the highest selling price, and maximises the likelihood of your music equipment selling.

While the TV ads make it seem like you can sell any item in sixty seconds, it’s not smooth sailing. Selling on eBay takes more than a few clicks – especially for musical instruments.

Suppose you want to sell your dj equipment or pro audio equipment on eBay, like keyboards, synthesisers, and workstations. You must research the item to find the right market price, take high-quality photos, find adequate packaging, determine the accurate postage cost, and deal with messages from users and potential returns. If you sit down and think of everything you must do to sell an item online, you can see how time-consuming and difficult it can be – especially if you’re not familiar with selling online.

Alternatively, you can sell your used equipment to music shops but expect a low cash offer in return.

How To Sell Your Music Equipment Step-by-Step

Step 1. Preparing your music equipment for sale.

Identifying the condition and quality of your musical equipment is important. The better the condition, the higher I can sell it for. It’s worth hunting out the instruction manual, original box, power adapters, USB cables and any extra pieces that came at the time of purchase to sell as a complete listing. The more complete your listing, the higher your item will typically sell for.

Step 2. Fill in the enquiry form.

When you fill in the form, please include the brand name, model number, specify condition, and any extras (i.e., original box, instruction manual) you have.

Step 3. Arranging Delivery

Once I receive your enquiry, I will go thought the list of itmes you have included and let you know what I can sell for you. When all your items are confirmed and ready to go, we will arrange a convenient time for you to deliver all the items to my property.

Step 4. You get paid!

After receiving your music gear, I will do all the hardwork and you just sit back and wait for your payments.

I will issue your payment once your item is sold, and the 30-day return policy has lapsed. If your item doesn’t sell during its initial listing, I’ll relist it for free and continue selling it for up to one year. After that, it’s yours to reclaim.

I don’t require any upfront fees and you’ll pay nothing if your items don’t sell. It’s the easiest way to sell your used or unwanted music equipment.

Sell Your Music Gear Today!

Fill out an enquiry form to start your selling process.

Start Selling


The selling price of your music equipment determines how much you earn.

Music Item Value

You Get

£50 – £250


£250 – £1000




You will receive your payouts at the end of every month for all music items sold and shipped during the previous month (unless an item was subject to a return. Payments can be transfered to your Paypal or Bank Account.

I will continue selling your music gear for up to one year.

If your music items remains unsold after one year, you will get a notice to pick it up within 10 days.

After 11 days, unsold items that are not collected will become the property of Anna’s Pride.

The price depends on the musical intruments’s condition, accessories, extra bits, and recently sold prices on various marketplaces.

If you want your items back after being listed on the marketplace, the stop-selling fee of £25 per item will be applied.

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